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Is the Conference only for females, and are males not invited?

The Conference is a celebration of women everywhere, and especially in leadership positions and everyone, male and female are invited to participate in this historic Conference and Exhibition.


Is this only about Nigerian Women?

This conference is about all women regardless of whether or not they are Nigerians. The Conference is being hosted by the organization - NWLCI and issues around women empowerment and accomplishment of women will be discussed.

I am planning to bring my husband and children. Will there also be topical discussion relating to men and children interests?

Conference organizers are arranging to invite top notch health practitioners in specialized fields to discuss matters relating to children, men and women  especially in the areas of health, political education and matrimonial causes.


Are there provisions for female students to secure scholarships to attend the Conference?

All those interested are urged to contact Conference Organizers immediately to express specific needs.



I am interested in attending the Conference. Can you with traveling ticket, meals and  accommodation?


The conference is a very expensive undertaking already. We are expecting participants from around the world.  We express appreciation to participants for assisting the Conference by covering their own travels and other needs. Please call the conference organizers for specific information.


I am interested in making a donation. How do I go about doing this?


The conference is a very expensive undertaking and donations are requested. Please call the conference organizers.

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