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Who We Are

Nigerian Women Leadership Council International was

formed in 2004 to facilitate a network of Nigerian women

leaders and their affiliate organizations worldwide.


Our Mission

Mobilize Nigerian Women in the Diaspora to use our

strong cultural and ethical values to build a

powerful family and professional image of Nigeria and

advocate women and children issues.


Our Focus: Culture, Advocacy, Politics, & Business

Promote Nigerian Culture, Ethics and Image:  

Building strong families. The conference will also serve to

re-institute the core values of the Woman as the center of

the moral fabric of the society and how to strengthen

the role of the woman in the home...


Celebrate the Achievements and Potentials of

Nigerian Women around the world

Nigerian Women are renowned for their sophistication,

intelligence, hard work and commitment to their families...


Facilitate a Network of African/Nigerian Women Leaders:  

Designed to promote network and knowledge base with

the Nigerian women in the Diaspora and their

counter parts at home in Nigeria.


Maintain A Career/Business Registry:

To promote transfer of knowledge and expertise from

the Diaspora channeled through this registry to

connect with Nigerian women professionals and

entrepreneurs around the world as well as

women who are engaged in programs and projects

that will contribute to the advancement of our Nation.


Promote Youth Professional Exchange Program:

NWLCI has embarked on an Internship Program for

our youth which is designed to create opportunities for

our college aged or recently graduated youths to

work in both the public and private sectors of the county.  


Foster “For My Sister’s Sake” Family Support Forum:

Launch a Medium or forum to reach out to families in crisis.  

To serve as a support group, an outlet and help in

overcoming everyday challenges women face in

building a strong family.  

Make available to women resources that

will help in any given situation.


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“Currently, women remain a less privileged section of the society.        In theory and to some extent in practice,   women can come together across party, ethnic, tribal and religious line because they are able to see a commonality of purpose that transcends these divisions...” said

Professor Jadesola Akande, (RIP) former  Chancellor, Federal University of Technology, Akure; and Executive Director of Women Law and Development Centre, Nigeria (WLDCN)